About Us

Enigma Multimedia Limited (EML) is a socially responsible integrated digital media marketing organization established in 2021 as a limited company under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 of Bangladesh.

Enigma Multimedia Limited (EML) has been formed with a firm commitment to provide quality services for its clients with effective and innovative business strategies and ideas especially through proper utilization of mass media. Enigma Multimedia Limited (EML) programs give a wide range of opportunities such as; having a connection with people, creating, sharing and disseminating contents, gaining and searching information on unlimited number of event and activities with staying up to date through digital content making issues and perspectives.

Enigma Multimedia Limited (EML) wishes to showcase the stories of Bangladesh. It wishes to create content for the youth and uncover the many ways of life in Bangladesh. Ranging from content for TV to digital platforms, it envisions to touch audiences from across the strata of society.

We believe in 3Es. Let’s





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